Thursday, 10 December 2020

Week 10

 Peter Pan Photos 2020!

Please note: Jeremy Hill Photography will have photos of the cast available post production. Please follow link for photos rather than the school office. 


Password: jhpsmpp20

50% of all photo sales will be donated back to St Mary’s School

We just heard the sad news that sister Carina passed away last night. Please keep her in your prayers.

This week:


Monday 14th December 

9.00am - Years 3 - 6    

11:15am - Years 1 - 2

What your child needs: 

Bike / Scooter & Helmet

PE Uniform


Togs & Towel 

        Signs will be put out on the day letting you know where each class is to put their bikes / scooters.

You may like to put something on your child's bike to help them identify it when they come into transition.

Tryathlon Monday

Prizegiving on Tuesday at 9.00am in the hall

Year 6 Missioning at 11:00 am on Wednesday in the hall

School finishes at Midday on Wednesday. Parents must pick up their children at this time. Iceblock fundraiser $1.00 from R12 this week. School Magazine for sale. $10:00 via the school office.
Donations to St Vincent de Paul can be put under the tree in the foyer.

Thank you for a wonderful year. I have really enjoyed teaching your child this year. I hope you have a blessed and safe Christmas.

God Bless,

Bernie Hall

Sunday, 6 December 2020

Week 9.

 Peter Pan School Production is this week!
A huge thank you to our awesome production team, for putting this all together: 
Lorraine Thompson, Lorette Tiedt, Jane Trask, Bernie Hall, Jill Dinniss, Michelle McIntrye, Mary Kusabs, Lynley Deane, and Glenda Pedley. 

Our support staff at St Mary's for helping out and all the teaching staff for their flexibility with the production. 
Extra tickets are now available for each show through the office from Monday.
Mass is this Friday also. This is at 9:00am on Friday-all welcome, this is our final goodbye Mass for our Year 6 students.
Student Celebration Morning:
This Thursday from 8:00am until 10:00am parents and caregivers are welcome to come along and see what their child has been learning this term. 


Saturday, 28 November 2020


Week 8!

Chicken Pox alert! 
We have 2 cases of chicken pox in Room 5. Please keep your child home if unwell. Lets hope no more cases....we want all children able to perform next week!

Dear Parent/Caregiver, 20 November 2020

Dear Parents/whanau

We are approaching the end of 2020 already! To celebrate our successes, we are going to have a picnic day at Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake). For this to go ahead, we need permission to take your child on a trip out of school. We also need adult helpers to provide transport to and from the lake as well as supervision throughout the day. 

On the day, students will participate in a number of activities at the lakefront, walk around the lake and have an opportunity to have a supervised swim. Students will need the following:

Wear mufti including a sunhat

Togs and towel

Water (no fizzy)

Lunch and snacks  

Comfortable walking shoes


Warm jumper

If the weather looks doubtful, cancellation will be announced on the school app by 8am.

When: Wednesday 2 December

Where: Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)

Time: Leave school at 9am and return to school by 2.30pm

Please fill in this form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher by Thursday 26 November.


Totara Team


I do / do not give permission for ______________________________ to attend Totara’s picnic at Lake Tikitapu. 

I am / am not able to help as a parent helper. 

I can transport __________ (number of children) children (with seatbelts) both to and from Lake Tikitapu.

Parent Name:_______________________________________

Parent Phone Number:_______________________________

Parent Signature:_____________________________________


Depart school


Arrive at Blue lake and set up .

Park near main beach, set up gazebos near landscaped area on grass.


Walking around the lake.

Walk clockwise - cut into lower tracks then up stairs at the back. Small group of adults stay back with non-walkers adn to look after gear. 

11:00 am

Morning tea

11:30 am


  1. Swimming

  2. Drying and eating

  3. Playground

  4. Sports

  5. Sand castle/ sculptures


Pack up and return to school


What is Advent? 

Production Rehearsal for all main cast Saturday the 5th at 1:00pm until 4:00pm in the school hall.
  • Harmony Choir
  • Mains
  • Lost boys
  • Mermaids
  • Fairy Dancers
  • Sea Creatures
  • Pirates
  • Backstage & Props Crew
  • Narrators
  • Tribes People
Students to bring snacks and water. All students to be promptly collected at 4:00pm from the hall.
If your child cannot make this rehearsal please email me to let me know. Thanks to those who already have.



School Magazine orders now available through the school office. Your child should have brought home a note about this. $10 per magazine. A great memento of the 2020 year!

End of Year Mass is Friday the 11th December 2020 at 9:00am. All welcome. At this Mass we acknowledge our year 6 students as they prepare to move on to intermediate school. 

Our end of year school prizegiving is on the 15th December 2020 at 9:00am. All welcome.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Year 6 Retreat 26th November 2020


Year 6 Retreat -26th November -Day Timetable


Meet at St Michaels


Wet weather alternative


Morning tea

Crypt (tbc)

Eat in the church hall


Walking to Hospital Hill and on to Kuirau park

Stories of Mary Mackillop

Posters - each poster needs to reflect a value or scripture linked to mmk


Kuirau park

Lunch and play on the playground

Lunch in Hall church


Walk back to school

Splitting into 3 groups


Church hall

Splitting into 3 groups


Pointism art on a rock

Pointism art on a rock


What is a real friend (solidarity) recipe for  a good friend.

What is a real friend (solidarity) recipe for  a good friend.

Another adult



Liturgy in Church

Year 6 retreat Thursday

A reminder that all Year 6 students are to meet at St Michael’s church at 8:30am tomorrow (Thursday)  in mufti. Mass begins at 9am and we need to be seated beforehand. 

The weather looks changeable, if it is just showers we will continue with our programme of walking back via Kuirau park so please pack a raincoat as well as lunch and a drink. If the weather is poor we will bus back to the St Mary’s church and continue the programme there. 

Saint of the day

Mass reading of the day

Year 5 Students will be involved in Leadership activities for the day at school with our Senior school teachers not at Retreat with year 6 students.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Week 7

 Week 7.

Holy Communion.
Congratulations to the Room 5 students who made their Holy Communion today!!
Ranidu, Greens, Olivia, Zoey. 
This is a big step in your faith journey. Huge thanks you to Ranidu's mum who made the special cake..WOW!

Retreat Year 6: 

Dear Parents/Caregivers of Year 6 students,


The Year 6 retreat will begin at St Michael’s Church with Mass. Students will need to meet the teachers at the St Michael’s Church car park between 8.30am and 8.45am. A roll will be taken. Students may wear mufti and will need their school bags. 

Please bring morning tea, lunch and a full bottle of water. Students will also need a sunhat, sunblock and a rain jacket in case the weather turns cold. 

After Mass, we will begin our pilgrimage to reflect upon Mary Mackillop’s visit to Rotorua and the work she did here. We will be stopping in at Kuirau park for lunch and a play on the playground equipment. At approximately 1.30pm we will begin our walk back to St Mary’s School where we will have some team games in the St Mary’s Church Hall. School will end at the normal time. 

We will contribute to the offertory at Mass, can children please bring a can of food to donate. 

If you have any queries please make contact through the class teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Senior Team Teachers,

Sylvia Dunkley, Bevan James, Bernie Hall, Liz Macaskill, Sheryl Todd, and Virginia Nicol.

  • No swimming this week.

  • Production practices this week, please remind your child to bring their script.

  • Library Monday-all overdue books needed.

  • Christmas Tree. If you have any spare decorations you don't need, please send along for our class Christmas Tree. Thanks.

Thursday, 19 November 2020


Chickenpox -we have one case of chicken pox in room 5. Please be watchful if your child develops any of the symptoms and if so please keep your child home.

The itchy blister rash caused by chickenpox infection appears 10 to 21 days after exposure to the virus and usually lasts about five to 10 days.
  • Fever.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Headache.
  • Tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell

Production 8th December and the 9th December.

Tickets on sale next week. Please note Room 5 perform on the Tuesday! 8th December. 

If your child is in the main cast, they will be performing at all shows. But booking Tuesday means you will see Room 5 as a class perform!

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Week 6

 Week 6

Swimming This week!!!!! Swim Rotorua are with us all week. Please bring your togs!!

Have a great week everyone.

The writing and  reading results are looking very good. I am very pleased with the progress made by all students in room 5! Well done kids!

Some great Peter Pan Art accomplished last week, these look great.

Library Monday-please bring back all overdue library books-thanks.

Lunchtime Rehearsals for Peter Pan. Please remind your child if they are in the main cast.

Heads up..the year 6 retreat is week 7! Notification will be sent out this week regarding details for this. 

JPC orientation is this Thursday. JPC should have notified those families that have indicated their child is going to JPC.